Friday, December 2, 2011

Islamic Capital Markets: Products and Strategies

Islamic Capital Markets: Products and Strategies
 By Kabir Hassan, Michael Mahlknecht

Product description:
Islamic Banking and  Financing is at present the best growth achiever and flower to the global economy. The rapid growth is its fundamental achievement of the Islamic Banking. It is beggar description that Islamic bank has achieved a significant reputation and superiority all other every sides as investment and reproduction over the conventional system. Islamic financeing is just the elemental changing from the interest-based financing system to the investment side and its profit both moral and perpetual.
This book has shown that the reason of subprime crisis is the conventional low of financing and its productivity of its market turbulences.
On the contrary, Islamic capital market with its Islamic shariahs advancing day by day to wining the total capital market. This book has segregated into four parts are shown below:
·         More significant and important factors regarding capital market along with different theories of middle east ’s Islamic capital market have been explored .
·         The present, past and future plan of global Islamic capital is elaborately discussed by the learned author.
·         History of national & international Islamic finance news is gathered here.
·         Analysis & opinion of author on teachings from crisis of world finance to explain the shariah based finance compared to conventional system.

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