Thursday, December 8, 2011

Deposits Management by Islamic Banks (Islamic Banking)

Deposits Management by Islamic Banks (Islamic Banking)
By Muhammad Hanif
Production description:

Islamic banking is established on principles of Islamic financial laws. It has no any interest based operation that is prohibited by Islamic law, therefore operations of Islamic banking are totally different from conventional banking while both kinds of banking perform the same requirements of customers. Islamic bank was begun in 20th century to provide the desires of Muslims around the world while it is not limited to Muslims only. This book is written with an obvious focus on teaching of Islamic banking with elaborated discussion on deposit management.
This book is positive for MBA/BBA students as well as practitioners of Islamic banking. It also helps the finance professionals, trainers & general public in understanding Islamic finance. After all, by reading the chapters of this book one should be able to realize the Doctrines in deposit management of IFIs, daily product system in banking dealings, economic impact of deposits & others.

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