Friday, December 2, 2011

Foundations of Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Education

Foundations of Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Education
By Mohamed Ariff, Munawar Iqbal

Product Description:

Islamic banking is a popular banking in this competitive world at present & it is a great extent familiar with most of all the financial institutions because of its dynamic significant development. This book is full of explored news, understanding theory of sector of banking.
Enriched moral Islamic financial business over hundreds of decades is analyzed by many types of famous & experienced pioneer those who suggests for the welfare of Islamic banking. Here, through three different matter of studies have been used as the explanation of exercise of shariah based economical institutions. At the end of this book,  inspirations have been designed for Islamic banking related person, employee to encourage them.
It goes without saying that this book will be a great direction & useful for readers those are eager to know about Islamic finance. After all, this enchanting book is a great discussion of principles replete with growing Islamic economics.

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