Monday, December 5, 2011

The Crisis of Islamic Civilization

The Crisis of Islamic Civilization
By Dr. Ali A. Allawi
Product description:

This challenging book, written by Dr. Ali A. Allawi is a diffefent discussion on crisis of Islamic civilization. Islam as a peaceful religion is practiced over a billion people. At the very outset of Islam  has no darkness basically. But at this present age compared to beginning of development of Muslim civilization is different from a side of colonial expansion.
Now Islam is being faced with a great change in this globalization age. To Allawi’s mind, Muslims is suffering at this time. Once upon a time Islam had a evaluation as a modern religion for its principle of law, economics & others.
Here learned author surprises to illustrate the way of escaping from this lack of civilization. this will be very helpful for readers who expects to know the real Islamic civilization & why is Muslims under the colony of different nations.

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