Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rights of Women in Islam

Rights of Women in Islam
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Product description:

Women are disfranchised in this dominant world. They are deprived of many opportunities in the society. A part of this world is now devoid of morality. Gender discrimination is rapidly increasing. This book ‘Rights of Women in Islam’ carries a briefing on this issue. Here Asghar Ali Engineer focuses on how Islamic perceptions of women & sex amend in Western Muslim countries. He shows a delight discussion about social concerns to gender relations & female development & explores issues relevant to muslin woman from Islamic perspectives.
This particular book covers different aspects relating to the condition of women in the pre Islamic period’s civilization & background, forms of marriage, forms of divorce, way of life regarding slave girls and so on. Besides it deals with the status of women in the post Islamic time – the Quranic idea of women’s privileges in marriage, divorce, bequest, care of children, polygamy, protection, goods etc. After all, the prominent scholar presents the chief aspect of Muslin women’s troubles & also hopes to development their perceptive of the Islamic issues.

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