Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East Asia

Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East Asia


I have read the Book, is very fine and interesting. It is a Book which is written by a non Muslim . But it has a great opportunity  for every reader about Islamic  Banking and Finance . Here some informations  are very logical and reliable source based. It is the second edition by Angola M Venardos.
It has 154K Table of Contents. Preface to 2nd Edition 28k.

Chapter 1: Here is the descriptions about the writer. He has a degrees in Economics and Marketing, and MBA, a Master of Jurisprudence ( Corp &Comm. Law), and a Doctorate of Legal Science in the area of the global regulation of offshore financial center. A bender by training, he commenced his international career in Hong Kong in 1987. Born in Australia of Greed parents, Angelo is a Permanent resident of Singapore, where he is the Executive Director and Founder of the Heritage Trust Group. Since writing this book, he has been and active speaker at international Islamic Banking seminars, forums and conferences conducted in Singapore Malaysia and Australia.

Also although it is written by a non-Muslin author, this highly analysis  and translated into Arabic by a leading Islamic university in the Middle East.

1.Islamic History Shariah Law and Islamic Jurisprudence Islamic Commercial Law 2.Islamic Financial Products Issues and Challenges of Islamic Banking Today Islam in South-East-Asia
3.Colonial Legacies: Islam and State Law in South-East Asia Islamic Banking in Malaysia Islamic Banking in Indonesia,Labanon : A Nice in the Islamic Money Market Islamic etc.

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