Friday, November 4, 2011

Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam

Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam
 By Akbar Ahmed

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 America is a Christian country. But there is  now a days we are watching  about 10 million Muslims . The amount increasing day by day.  The U.S.A. are very frightened  with the terrorism of  some Muslim; examply Osma Bin Laden. Akber Ahmed, a professor of Islamic Studies at American University  and a well-respected person of Islam has written Journey into America  “ really how Muslims are fitting into U.S.A society, . This is book which open eye open  also offers a fresh and insightful perspective on American history and society.
In the supervision of Ahmed some young and energetic reachers has traveled seventy five cities of USA into their School homes, and over one hundred mosques to do find out what Muslims are thinking and how they are living every day in America. He also explained in the book How can a Muslim become accepted fully as an American, and what does that mean? It is also equal parts anthropological research, listening tour, and travelogue.
Finally, It is an wonderful book for all Muslim of the world not only of America. So every body should read the book for their progress.
The book is also reviewed by many intelligent readers.


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