Thursday, December 8, 2011

Basic Tenets of Islam

Basic Tenets of Islam
By Harun Yahya

Product description:

The great mandatory, holy Quran is launched to convey mankind from darkness to the light. Almighty Allah created all the mankind to show the actual path in the sacred Quran so that all can come up to light from darkness. For instance, Allah says:Mankind! Warning has come to you from your creator and moreover curative for what is in the breasts & direction & sympathy for the believers.” (Surah Yunus)
Basic Tenets of Islam written by Harun Yahya produces information that invites the mankind in the Quran to think about the perception in the creatures he created, the humanity of life in this world and so on. Apart of this book also delivers passages of the life of Prophet Muhammad (sm.), his seriousness in faith & dedication to almighty Allah and determination in spreading the holy message. By reading this book, learners can understand the real purpose of life, reality of death and many other matters of islam.

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