Thursday, December 8, 2011

Muslim Child: Understanding Islam Through Stories and Poems

Muslim Child: Understanding Islam Through Stories and Poems
By Rukhsana Khan

Product description:

Children are always dreamer. They dream of many things which are in most unattainable, they don’t realize it, but go on dreaming. It is the world of dream that keeps the children jubilant, when this world crumbles them find no way but to behave abnormally. They try to see that their hopes are materialized. But when they are faced with reality they become helpless. Children also can’t stand being neglected. A child’s mind is a clean sheet untarnished by experiences. Real humane mind can be found in a child in its simplicity, purity & innocence. Children also don’t expect restriction & limitation to their work. They show restlessness & impatience of restraints and restrictions.
 Again the children want to have recognition of their work & can’t easily accept the disgrace of anything. Here in this book the writer describes stories & poems regarding Islam to keep interest in his depiction. This book also denotes many comprehensive & easy stories with Islamic emotion that is considers as an attractive & charming tales. This illustrative & instructive book can be used as an excellent tool in a classroom to dispel any misconceptions of non-Muslim children. However both Muslim & non- Muslim children shall be able to learn more about prayers & others basic matter of Islamic perspective by reading this book.

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