Monday, December 5, 2011

Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice

Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice
By Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
Product description:

In this book the writer introduces the summary of Islamic economics & shows though an ancient but practical way  that identifies  Islamic finance. The pivotal factor of this book is critical & advancement of shariah based banking. The aim of  Islamic finance is mainly to prove the harmful impact of conventional banking in this environment. Here every aspect of Islamic finance has been added briefly including with distinctive activities of financial products, markets & institutions.
This book throws some questions with answers for consideration of Islamic individual, bankers and also common learners. However the author presents many significant examples of islamization in every sphere of life for the practice of Islamic finance. At the end of this book, matters of  micro finance, community banking & socially responsible investment is included for eager person who wants to know the principles of Islamic economics.

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