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Islam: The Religion and the People Islam: The Religion and the People

Islam: The Religion and the People

Islam: The Religion and the People

By Bernard Ellis Lewis, Buntzie Ellis Churchill

Product Description:

A vast of population  means Islam as a mystery. But Bernard Lewis and Butize Ellis Churchill has established the problem that was just the lack of knowledge about Islam. They have contributed Islam it’s originality and reality They have showed them their rich and diverse cultures, and political mentality to the real society. They are the father writer about Islamic Perspective in the western area. Considering the greatness ,  it is cleared to us that they have showed Islam many of its subjects with the easiest way. So it is called illuminating introduction for specially those people who want  to satisfy Islam easily of its global challenges and reality. They have follow a universal tactics for showing  the ideas of Islam in their book. That is given below:
Both writher answer questions such as below….
  • What are the pillars of the Islamic faith?
  • How does the faith regard non- Muslims?
  • How does Islam Differ from Judaism and Christianity?
  • What does Islam really say about peace and Jihad?
  • What does Islam teach about the position of women in society?
  • What are the differences between Sunni and , ?
  • What does Islam say about free enterprise and profit?
  • What caused the rise of radical Islam?
  • What are the problems facing Muslims in the U.S. and Europe and what are the challenges posed by those minorities.
About Authors:
 Bernard Lewis  is Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus, at Princeton University. His book is rated as best selling book. He has another some books are What Went Wrong: western Impact and Middle Eastern Response and The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror.
For His contribution he has been recognized by the 15 Universities that have awarded him honorary doctorates.
Another writer Buntzie Wllis Churchill has rendered services 23 years as President of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Besides a vast number of institutions as trusty as non-profit, he has contributed his precious time. He has also been awarded as Doctorates for the profession.



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